SILVIA Data Monitoring and Evaluation

SILVIA can also continuously monitor data and evaluate which behaviors to initiate based on equivalencies, inequalities, a value breaching or being contained within a min-max range and other comparisons. This could be pressure gauges, gas sensors, voltage, resistance or amperage levels, stock market or crypto trends, heartbeat and blood pressure monitoring as well as any other device that has an output that can be read by a computer.

For an example let’s take a pressure gauge that continuously monitors a chemical vat. It has an optimum value, a value it should not fall below or the process fails and a pressure it should not go above or there is catastrophic danger. If it falls below the minimum for a given time it indicates its normal pressure control systems have failed and human intervention is warranted. If the pressure goes below minimum a countdown begins. If the pressure again rises past minimum the countdown resets. If the timer exceeds the countdown duration an alert is triggered. If it is above the max pressure a safety alert protocol is tripped. SILVIA will monitor the component data stream and bool states, and its Core Variables. The component will set Variables in the SILVIA Core and call for SILVIA to process any changes in the combined state of those bools, and their attendant values will trigger a behavior or cascade of behaviors depending on the depth of domain knowledge the brain had been programmed with.