The Face Expressions Panel

This panel uses the same editing tools as the Viseme Setup panel but stores the poses to the facial expression library. This can be used to set up facial expressions during idling moments, surprise, smile, scowl, OMG! or other gestures needed to bring the appropriate character of expression to suit the personality domain of your avatar.

Face Expression Panel Functions:

Selected Preset
A field for displaying and editing the Face Expression Name.
Bone Chain Selector
Selects the Bone Chain to display for editing the Face Expression.
Selected Bone Chain
Shows the name of the currently selected Bone Chain.
Reset Defaults
Resets the Face Rig bone chains to their default rotations.
Select Preset Dropdown
Selects a stored Face Expression preset to apply.
Record Face Expression
Saves a PAGER Tag preset to the Face Expressions library. Saving to an existing name will prompt an overwrite message.