IK Visuals

Click the Bottom Toolbar to toggle IK Visuals on and off. The goals will appear in orange on the Avatar.

Docusaurus logo

The IK Visuals have a base set of Goals on the Wrists, Ankles, and around the Pelvis, as shown at left.

Clicking on the goals will activate the other controls for that system. These additional controls allow you to define a Pose along with Time and Motion Range limits to allow for smooth non-repetitive motion. For example, the Left Arm with its full controls and ranges visible below:

Docusaurus logo

Dragging the goals, rotators, and ranges to new positions will change the Avatar’s pose, redefine its time and motion ranges, and recalculate any PAGER Tags associated with those pose values if you want to make a preset or add them to an Exuder.

Similar controls are shown for the Legs and Body below: