IK Controls Editing

Click the IK Controls button to show and hide the IK Controls Panel. If you want to start the process over, or are unsatisfied with the results, you can click the Reset Defaults button to restore the IK Controls to their default parameters.


Clicking the Enable/Disable Auto Elbow Hints will toggle the use of auto calculated elbow hint positions. Elbow Hints control the direction of the elbow on a plane using the elbow, shoulder and wrist positions to form the triangle of that plane. If using Auto Elbow Hints is enabled then a baseline is created by bisecting the vector between the shoulder and wrist position and drawing a vector through the elbow position and placing the Elbow Hint along that vector 0.5 meters beyond the elbow position so it lies on the plane of the wrist, shoulder, elbow triangle. This gives the arm natural stability during gesturing. Disabling Auto Elbow Hints forces the Elbow Hint to a position based on the Left and Right Elbow Hint Midline In Out and Elbow Hint Elevation values.

Right-click and drag will pivot the camera around the target so that the currently edited IK Control Settings can be viewed from multiple points of view while editing. When satisfied with the edit you can click the Record IK Controls Settings button. If you have changed the name of the Asset a Rename Dialog will appear with the current name of the asset and the name which was changed in the Selected IK Settings Input Field. Click the Rename Asset to store the parameters as a JSON object to the IKControlSettingsData folder. Cancel to return to editing.