Controlling The Torso & Head

The rig to control the Pelvis Bone at the root of the Avatar bone armature uses a PelvicGoal that can translate along the X, Y and Z axis allowing up/down, back/forth/left right positioning of the PelvisGoal but restricts its rotation to around the Y axis to have it’s Z axis face the wanted Avatar forward axis. The PelvicTarget is a child of the PelvicGoal. While PelvicGoal is primarily a Positioner, the PelvicTarget acts as a Rotator. The Mecanim AnimatorIK BodyPosition is controlled by the Pelvic Goal and the AnimatorIK BodyRotation is controlled by the PelvicTarget. Control over the Spine bone chain tilt, bend and twist, Neck tilt and bend, Head tilt, bend and twist is via sliders. The LookAt system is here as well that controls where the eyes are focused. In the IK Controls Panel you can dial in the amount of participation that the head and body use to LookAt the focus.