Provided is a selection of AnimCurves that are evaluated during interpolations. AnimCurves are a method to vary the values, speed, positioning or rotation of bones, IK Goals or IK weights during interpolations or lerping from pose to pose.


Its basic working is to interpolate over a given interval from the current set of subsystem parameters to the wanted set of parameters. When the lerp is completed the wanted set of parameters becomes the current set of parameters and a new wanted set of parameters to lerp to is passed in. Since the subsystems are handled individually the timings can be staggered to create very complex non-repetitive motion synthesis in a given gestural character range. It can also be set up to use a series of poses and cycle through them randomly or sequentially.


The following PAGER tag shows how to set lerping the left hand pose to true.

<PoseSequencer-BOOL lerpLeftHandPose,params=?true>

The next section deals with storing current and wanted values to interpolate between along with as well as timers, durations and dedicated animCurves to evaluate during interpolation. You can assign your own custom curves or choose from one of the List of animCurve as shown above.