The SILVIA Parametric Avatar Gesture Event System (PAGES)

PAGES was developed to have an avatar act in accordance with speakable text and the silent spaces in between pauses, sentences and paragraphs and through those gestures and gesticulations add a measure of responsiveness and personality or caricature to the avatars response delivery and continuous non-repetitive motion and expression to the avatar.

Various SILVIA based applications using a humanoid avatar are probably using a 3D character rig custom to their domain and needs. MakeHuman was chosen as it is non-proprietary and can produce a vast array of characters from grotesque to beautiful, cartoonish to realistic. After dialing in a character the mesh and rig can be exported as an FBX file which is the standard working 3D model format in Unity. Any detail work and texturing can then be done in Zbrush or other favorite 3D Content Creation application and imported to Unity.

The motion synthesis rig driving the SILVIA Avatar, as supplied with the examples, can be set up and used with any Mecanim-driven humanoid avatar.