The SILVIA Script Editor

The Script Editor works with both internal Core functions and external APIs to integrate into applications you develop, with C# being the base scripting language. You can toggle between Behavior and Exuder layer scripts, and then also toggle between and Edit the various Script Stages outlined above.

  • Follow Brain Toggle: Click to sync the Studio Editors to the last executed Behavior.
  • Close: Click to close the Panel.
  • Behavior ID Lookup: Type in a number to look up a Behavior by its ID.
  • Behavior Info Readouts: Read-only fields that display the Behavior’s Group, Subgroup, and Name.
  • View Behavior Scripts: Click to switch to Behavior Layer Scripts.
  • Behavior Select: Click to select a Behavior by its name from the Dropdown Menu.
  • View Exuder Scripts: Click to switch to Exuder Layer Scripts.
  • Exuder Select: Click to select a particular Exuder ID within the current Behavior.
  • Script Layer Toggles: Click a checkbox to Toggle between the Script Stages. Applies to both Behaviors and Exuders.
  • Verbose Logging: Ensures every item being executed will be logged.
  • Clear Log: Clears the text in the Scripting Console.
  • Compile: Compiles the written C# scripts in the Brain, checking for any errors.
  • Save Script File: Saves all gathered scripts in the Brain File with extension “.cs”.
  • Script Field: Input C# scripts here.
  • Snippets Tool: New tool for pasting preformatted code designed for use with SILVIA, click to select and insert a Snippet.
  • Paste: Click to paste your Clipboard contents at the current Insertion Point.