The App Flow Viewer

The App Flow Viewer is a tool for visualizing the connections between Behaviors, and the Variables they use. Behaviors are displayed as individual Nodes in the workspace, listing any Jumps or Bypasses to other Behaviors as outputs from, or inputs to, the selected Behavior.

When a Behavior is selected, or the Follow Brain Toggle detects a change in the current Behavior ID, the App Flow Viewer will display the selected Behavior in a panel in the center of its workspace. After gathering information on the selected Behavior and any outputs or Variables it has, the App Flow Viewer polls every other Behavior in the Brain File to see if there are any inputs linking to the selected Behavior. Buttons on each Behavior Node allow you to go directly to Edit those Behaviors or their Scripts, or select another Behavior to continue viewing links. Note: The Follow Brain Toggle will prevent navigation to other Behavior IDs if it is active

viewing links
  • Follow Brain Toggle: Click to sync the Studio Editors to the last executed Behavior.
  • Close: Click to close the Panel.
  • Behavior ID Lookup: Type in a number to look up a Behavior by its ID.
  • Behavior Info Readouts: Read-only fields displaying the Total Behavior Count, Behavior Name, Behavior Group-Subgroup, and the number of Behavior Links In & Out.
  • Selected Behavior Node: Shows the current Behavior, and any links in or out from other Behaviors in the Brain File.
  • Edit Buttons: Will go directly to other listed Behaviors or Scripts from any of the Nodes.
  • Toggle Show/Hide Variables: Displays SetVariables in the Bottom Left of the Viewer, and GetVariables on the Bottom Right.
  • Set As Selected: Selects that Behavior ID.