Each Behavior and Exuder has fields for embedded scripting. C# scripting is the primary script type, since it is more portable to all of the platforms that SILVIA supports. Support for LUA was discontinued in SILVIA Studio 2.0.1, but legacy manuals can be provided on request. There is also a new Snippets tool at the bottom right corner of the Script Field for pasting standard form C# code blocks to wrap SILVIA Script commands quickly without taking up your System Clipboard

System Clipboard

Every time a Behavior and/or an Exuder is invoked by SILVIA to express a thought, any associated scripts are executed as well.

For instance, SILVIA could use an Exuder to express the Concept, “I like science fiction movies”. If there is an attached script, this script could invoke the display of a movie clip from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Later, if the user asks SILVIA if she likes science fiction, the potential Exuder responses could include one that says “I already told you that I do.”

Attach to that particular Exuder a validation script or other context cue that checks if SILVIA was already asked the question, and rejects the Exuder from consideration if the question was not yet asked by the user, potentially defaulting to a response of something like, “Oh that’s great. I like sci-fi as well”.

In this way, you can control and track context more authentically and efficiently.