The Concept Manager

The Concept Manager lists all of the existing Concepts in the Brain file. Concepts are automatically generated from words within a Behavior, and can be manually modified or created in the Concept Editor.


Concept Manager Functions:

  • Refresh: The Concept Manager Automatically refreshes when Concepts are added, edited, or deleted, but there is a manual refresh available also.
  • Close: Closes the Concept Manager. If the Concept Bindings Editor is open, it will remain open.
  • Concept ID Lookup: Type in a number to look up a Concept by its ID number. Concept ID’s start at 0.
  • Concept Add/ Lookup: Type in a word or string to look up a Concept. If the Concept name does not exist, it will be added to the Concepts array. In either case, its ID number will display in the Concept ID field.
  • Edit Concept: Opens the Concept Bindings Editor, which shows all other Concepts bound to the selected Concept.
  • Filter Stopwords: Filters all Concepts for those marked as Stopwords.
  • Filter Unbound: Filters all concepts for those without any Bindings.
  • Clean Concepts: Cleans the Brain File of unbound Concepts if they do not appear in a Behavior
  • Balanced Concepts: Systematically re-weights each Concept in the Brain File according to relevancy, frequency, use patterns, etc.
  • Search Concepts: A text search allowing you to filter for Concepts containing any combination of text. Any matching concepts will show up. This can be further filtered down by turning on Filter Unbound or Stopword, i.e. you can search for words containing “eau” that have no bindings yet.

Regardless of the language, Concept Listings are shown grouped by their starting character i.e. “a”, “b”, “1”, “!”, etc. Concept Listings themselves are displayed in the format of “#ID#:conceptName :: [# of bindings]”.

Use the mouse wheel up and down to scroll through the listings, hold shift to halve the scroll speed. Scrolling is faster in the blank space of the Concept Manager, and slower over the Listings themselves in general. Click on a Concept Listing to open it in the Concept Editor.