Variables as Tokens in Behaviors

Both Absorbers and Exuders can make use of SILVIA Core Variables in receiving input and creating output. Any non-null Variables declared in the Core that can be seen in the State Monitor can be used for Absorbers or Exuders by adding their Token to the text of the Absorber or Exuder.

For instance, the name of the AI is stored by default as “Silvia” under the System Variable “$_a”, and can be expected in Absorbers by including the Token “$_a”, or printed and spoken with Exuders using “$_a” – Saying “Silvia” then produces a match to “$_a”. Changing the Variable “$_a” to “Hal” and then addressing the Core as “Hal” would produce a match to “$_a” just the same. Silvia would speak the given name any time it encounters “$_a”.