The PAGER Tag Editor

Each Exuder can contain PAGER Tags, which are used to synchronize and synthesize performances or events with a response. The PAGER Tag Editor can be toggled on or off using the Tag Editor button at top right, its toolbar appears. PAGER Tags execute across the time of a given Exuder, so if text takes 5 seconds to speak, the PAGER Tags can make use of that time on a scale of 0-1.

For example, say you had a 3-sentence paragraph, and all the sentences were the same length, and you set a delay tag for 0.5, it would delay further tags until the middle of the second sentence. In this manner, you can rapidly sequence poses to match the character and your conversation design.


The PAGER Tag Editor has a few key things it does: gets necessary data to drive the performance, auto-inserts and writes tags, saves and loads tag presets.

The PAGER Tags are driven through a performance layer, and associated per SILVIA Brain File, with helper scripts. By adding simple code and keeping to the tag format, the PAGER Tags parsing system is fully-extensible, enabling control of Objects, Interfaces, Devices, Values, Parameters, Properties, etc. that you want to synchronize with any given response.