The Behavior Hierarchy

The Behavior Hierarchy lists all of the Behaviors in the current SILVIA Brain File, by Group then Subgroup.

Behavior Hierarchy Functions

  • Refresh: The Behavior Hierarchy refreshes automatically when Behaviors are added or edited, but you can manually refresh the listings as well.
  • Close: Click to close the panel.
  • Behavior ID Lookup: Type in a number to look up a Behavior by ID. Its name and other information will populate in the various Editor panels.
  • Name Readout: Shows the name of the current Behavior. Read-only field.
  • Behavior Group: Shows the Behavior Group for the selected Behavior. Type a Group Name to reassign.
  • Behavior Subgroup: Shows the Subgroup for the selected Behavior, if any. Type a Subgroup name to assign or reassign the selected Behavior.
  • Behavior Name: Shows the name of the current Behavior. Type a new Behavior Name to reassign.
  • New: Click to Create a new Behavior.
  • Copy: Click to Copy the current Behavior.
  • Delete: Click to Delete the current Behavior.
  • Edit: Click to open the current Behavior in the Behavior Editor Panel.
  • Scripts: Click to Edit Scripts for the current Behavior.
  • Data: Click to Edit Data for the current Behavior.
  • Notes: Click to Edit Notes for the current Behavior.

The Behavior Hierarchy panel is resizable and draggable.
Use the mouse to scroll through the listings, hold shift to halve the speed. Click on a Behavior Listing to open it in the Behavior Editor.