PAGER Tag Editor Functions:

  • Delay Timing Widget: Clicking and dragging on the Clock icon at left of the PAGER Tag Editor will write a Delay Tag automatically. To insert the Delay Tag, left click on the Clock.

    The Insert Delay Tag dialog will come up showing you the insertion point along the time of the Exuder response text. You can change the Delay Tag insertion point using the Slider as well. The slider will track through the text to be read / performed in the field just under the slider. The Delay Tag to insert is in the bottom text field. When satisfied, click the Insert button.

    The new Delay Tag will insert in the PAGER Tags field of the Exuder, wherever you last clicked. All PAGER Tags after the inserted Delay Tag, and before the next if any, will be executed at the time of the Delay Tag. Delay Times are cumulative, and normalized 0-1.0, so a Delay Tag at 0.333 leaves 0.667, if there was a subsequent Delay Tag of 0.222, the Tags at that Delay would execute at 0.555 of the Exuder Time.

    The times are divided automatically when you insert in between, so don’t worry about that.

  • Insert Tags:This button expands the Insert Tag Dropdown Menus. The “From Avatar” dropdown menu inserts tags from the stage. The “From Presets” dropdown menu inserts them from the built-in or user-created presets.

    Avatar Dropdown

  • From Avatar Dropdown: Select an option from the dropdown menu to insert PAGER Tags. Tags affecting various motion synthesis subsystems are generated automatically from the Avatar’s current stage pose and time range settings when making a menu selection. ![AAA](img/form-avatar-dropdown.jpg)
  • From Presets Dropdown: Selection an option from the dropdown menu to insert PAGER Tags from user-stored presets. Presets save into the Brain File any time you save.
  • Presets:This button expands the Preset Create and Remove dropdown menus. The “Create” dropdown menu allows you to create and store PAGER Tag Presets in various preset libraries for different motion systems, or to create custom combinations of Tags. The “Remove” dropdown menu allows you to delete user presets.