Behavior Editor Functions

  • Follow Brain Toggle: Click to sync the Studio Editors to the last executed Behavior.
  • Behavior ID Lookup: Type in a number to look up a Behavior by ID.
  • Behavior Info Readouts: Read-only fields, Behavior Count, Behavior Name, Behavior Group & Subgroup.
  • Add Absorber: Click to add an Absorber and switch the view to show Absorbers.
  • View & Edit Exuder: Click to view all Exuders for the current Behavior.
  • Edit Behavior Data: Click to Edit Data for this Behavior.
  • Close: Click to close the Behavior Editor.
  • Behavior Security Level: Type in a number to change the Behavior Security Level, 0 is the default i.e. “open”.
  • View & Edit Absorbers: Click to view all Absorbers for the current Behavior.
  • Add Exuder: Click to add an Exuder and switch the view to show Exuders.
  • Edit Behavior Scripts: Click to Edit Scripts for this Behavior.
  • Edit Behavior Notes: Click to Edit Notes for this Behavior.

There are three reserved Behaviors names with special execution in the SILVIA Brain, they are:

  • Boot: A Behavior that executes upon starting up a SILVIA Brain.
  • Default: A Behavior response for when SILVIA does not know how to respond to a specific input.
  • Exit: A customizable Behavior that is called before exiting. This Behavior can be set to store user information or conversation / feedback save states when exiting.