An Absorber is essentially what you might say to SILVIA. It acts as a filter for SILVIA to think about how to respond.

An Absorber is a language-specific user input to which SILVIA can respond. The input may be sent in via typed or dictated Chat Input in the Brain Controls Panel, or the ApiBrain().GetResponse command. There can be multiple Absorbers for a Behavior. To add new Absorbers, click the ‘Add Absorber’ button.


SILVIA looks for Concepts instead of exact string matches to Absorbers, unless the “Exact” toggle has been set on the Absorber.

For example, if you have an Absorber “that’s not right”, typing either “right” or “that’s right” into the text output box could bring up SILVIA’s Exuder responses, this would be inaccurate to the user’s intent. To SILVIA, the Concepts are similar enough to mean the same thing. Requiring the word “not” will prevent the ambiguity of saying “that’s right” from matching with “that’s not right”, and this Behavior will be skipped unless the word “not” appears.

To prevent all words in an Absorber from holding equal importance, users can have Behaviors triggered by specific Concepts in the Absorber. Select the word(s) to Require and then click the Require button to set them as Required, the required Concepts will appear underlined. In the below example, one must say the words “start” and “playlist”, or the Behavior will not be considered for execution. All required Concepts must be submitted to execute an associated Behavior.