Absorber Edit Functions:

  • Exact: Selecting this checkbox requires that the user input exactly match the Absorber. If “Exact” was on In the case above, saying “start playlist” or “music playlist” will not trigger SILVIA’s Exuder responses, only “Silvia start my music playlist” will. This is useful for gating Behavior responses to specific language.
  • Tip: Use the Concept Editor to create bound relationships for variations of the words in your Absorber, e.g. “start” would also correspond to “play”, “begin”, and “cue up”.
  • Reject: Selecting this checkbox makes sure SILVIA does not trigger her Exuder responses for the Behavior if input matches any of the Absorbers marked “Reject”.
  • Example: There is an Absorber to respond to the input, “Your Favorite Movie”. However, this Behavior will also get triggered by the input, “Your Least Favorite Movie”. To correct this, add a rejection Absorber to filter out “Your Least Favorite Movie”.
  • Required: To ensure Silvia knows that a word must be present to prompt a given response, select the word, then select ‘Required’. This will underline the word, signifying that it will be a requirement in order to execute the Behavior.
  • Data:Displays a pop-up window that a user may input text-based (plain text or XML) data that should be attached to an Absorber. This is a reserved data space for use by external applications, and is not specifically related to a SILVIA Brain file. It is purely for user-defined purposes.
  • Delete: Removes the Absorber from the Behavior.

The Concept Editor retains all Concepts used in Behaviors, so any Absorber added to the Brain File will subsequently add each of its Concepts to the Concepts array. From the Concept editor a user may add synonyms to the Concepts via the Bindings Editor. The end result is that SILVIA will recognize those synonyms in the Absorber input as well as be able to sub them into the Exuder outputs, giving more variety in responses without having to create specific multiple Absorbers or Exuders.