SILVIA Brain Files store a series of nodes called “Behaviors” which can be executed in response to user input or by script commands directing the Core to them. Behaviors are organized by ID, and filed in Groups; you can also organize Behaviors further with Subgroups, SILVIA does not evaluate Subgroups.

Behaviors have a few major components: Absorbers, Exuders, and Scripts. Absorbers are input patterns SILVIA can detect and use to consider executing a Behavior’s Exuders or Scripts. Exuders are output patterns that SILVIA can send to the Text and Voice output stacks. Scripts can be executed before, during, and after both Behaviors and individual Exuders. Data outputs are available on Behaviors, Absorbers, and Exuders. Notes can be stored on each Behavior record. For more information on Scripts, see the Scripting and API sections of this document hereinbelow.

The Behavior Hierarchy

The Behavior Hierarchy lists all of the Behaviors in the current SILVIA Brain File, by Group then Subgroup.