The File Menu

The File Menu is accessible through the File Button at the bottom left of the Toolbar. Load SILVIA Brain Files here to begin working with them. File Menu functions are largely the same as in SILVIA Studio 2.0.

  • Refresh Core (CTRL + SHIFT + F5): Refreshes the current Brain File, allowing you to start a new session with a clean slate quickly.
  • Close Panel: Click to Close the Brain Controls Panel.
  • Chat Log: Displays the text log of the Chat text sent to the SILVIA Brain, and the text of any responses from SILVIA.
  • Voice Culture Select: For System Native Voices, allows you to select a Culture or Region for Text-To-Speech (TTS) out.
  • Voice Gender Select: For System Native Voices, allows you to filter by Gender for Text-To-Speech out Voices. Set to unknown to see all.
  • Voice Name Select: For System Native Voices, Selects a Voice for Text-To-Speech.
  • Speak Toggle: Enables or disables automatic Text-To-Speech out when the SILVIA Brain sends text and voice responses.
  • Listen Toggle (Push-To-Talk: Page Up): Enables or Disables Speech Recognition.

Note: Push-To-Talk will automatically send chat after a short delay if you keep holding Page Up.

  • Recognition Language Select: Sets the Speech Recognition Language Model.
  • Chat Input: Input Text here and press the Enter Key to Send. Speech Recognition will send if you pause in between sentences.
  • State Monitor: Shows all SILVIA Core Variables. Toggle to Show or Hide. Discussed in a later section below.
  • Send Chat: Press Enter or Click to send Chat Text to the SILVIA Brain.
  • Clear Chat: Clears the Chat Log.
  • Export Chat Log: Exports the Chat as a Text File.
  • Debug Panel: Shows or Hides the Debug Panel.

Discussed in a later section below.

  • Split Save (CTRL + ALT + S): Saves each Behavior Group in the currently loaded Brain File into separate Brain Files. Each new Brain File is saved into a directory you select, and named according to its Group Name in the Behavior Hierarchy.
  • Run After Load: Toggle this Option to run any boot Behavior or other startup programming automatically upon loading a Brain File.
  • Open Last File on Launch: Automatically opens the last Brain file when application is launched.
  • Note: This function is not recommended for general use; it is intended for specific use cases only.
  • Load Brain From Path: Enter the URL or Path to a Brain File in the Input Field “Enter / Paste Path…”. The Load Brain From Path Button then Loads a Brain File that address, for specific use cases only.
  • Quit (CTRL + Q): Closes the SILVIA Studio tool without saving.