My First Post

If it is a constant running joke in your household that the men in your family can’t seem to remember dates, appointments, or other to-do tasks, don’t worry this is normal. The human brain was never designed to become an extreme storehouse for information, and forgetting things such as dates, numbers and appointments is a natural part of life, but luckily there are things you can do to improve* your instant recall or enhance your memory.

If you are getting frustrated with being the butt of jokes, or always forgetting things don’t get frustrated. The following are some tips and tricks you can utilize to help you improve* your memory or instant recall.
Make a Conscience Effort to Remember

Some information such as important dates, bank account numbers, and phone numbers are important and must be memorized. The best way to remember things is to make a conscience effort to remember them. If you don’t make that effort, the brain will filter these numbers out because it believes they aren’t important.

Several activities or tricks can help you remember numbers and dates. Things such as constantly repeating the numbers, writing them down multiple times, or forming a connection with something emotional can help you remember the dates, account numbers or phone numbers easier.