Saves a SILVIA Brain (concepts, Bindings, Behaviors) to a file.


SILVIA is able to dynamically save to external Brain files. This method saves the either the entire “static” Brain to a file, with all Concepts, Bindings, and Groups, or given an optional non-nil list of Groups, separated by the “|” character, this method can selectively save those specific Groups only. Note that the dynamic “Feedback” memory is not saved, nor are any variables or table states, with the exception of the system variable for the AI name: $_a.

Example Usage (C#)

//Save the entire Brain File.
bool success = _core.ApiMem().Save(“ai_Brains/myEntireBrain.sil”, null);

//Save just the “learned” and “personal” groups to their own Brain File.
success = _core.ApiMem().Save(“ai_Brains/myLearned.sil”, “learned|personal”);


string filename A string containing the name of the SILVIA Brain file(s) to save.
string groups A “|” separated (Pipe-separated) string containing the name(s) of the Behavior Group(s) to save.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

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