Merges plain-text expert data into the SILVIA Brain.


This is a simple way to get a body of text in the SILVIA Brain as a collection of Exuders. There is the option to do simple annotation of the text file for organizational purposes, but this is not strictly necessary. For instance, by default, each sentence in the text is placed into a new Exuder, but if one adds an underscore (“_”) character between the punctuation ending one sentence and the beginning of the next, then both sentences will be Grouped into a single Exuder. As with merging SILVIA data, more than one file may be specified using the “|” character as a separator.

Example Usage (C#)

//Loading “psych.txt” and “skinner.txt” in to build Exuders
//Uses each sentence or text block detected as a separate Exuder
bool success = _core.ApiMem().MergeText(“xprts/psych.txt|xprts/skinner.txt”);

string filename A string containing the name(s) of the plain-text expert file(s) to be merge-loaded.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

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