Merges AIML (AI Markup Language) data into the SILVIA Brain.

AIML is an old system, SILVIA happens to be backward compatible with it, but it is unlikely you will need to import XML like this. XML data out is supported in the SILVIA Studio Data Panel as well as in ApiData().


Although SILVIA is not a chatbot, the SILVIA platform is capable of using chatbot-like data to create and use simple input/response collections. This sort of low-level Behavior is useful for conversational applications because of the need to “catch” user input that may not fall into the net of the more complex Behaviors implemented specifically for the application. The large, pre-existing body of AIML data was determined to be useful for this purpose, and an import filter was written to accommodate this need. This function invokes that filter to load AIML data into SILVIA’s Brain in a way that the SILVIA Core can then use in a direct manner. As with merging SILVIA data, more than one file may be specified using the “|” character as a separator.

Example Usage (C#)

//Merging old-school XML chatbot style input-output patterns to Behaviors.
bool success = _core.ApiMem().MergeAIML(“AIML/general.xml”);


string filename A string containing the name(s) of the AIML file(s) to be loaded.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

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