Loads or merges one or more SILVIA Brain files into memory.


SILVIA is able to dynamically load and merge external Brain files. Merging means that data loaded is additive, so one could dynamically merge-load a Brain file that “knows” all about cars in response to a query about the subject. Merging also allows the specification of more than one file, using the “|” separator. Note that if there is a Behavior with the name “boot” in a Brain file, and if this function’s boot flag is set to true, that Behavior’s Exuder(s) and associated events will be invoked immediately after the file has been loaded. This allows trainers to create “startup” Behaviors for their trained AI Brains.

Example Usages (C#)

//Load a Brain File from scratch and run its “boot” behavior.
bool success = _core.ApiMem().Load(“latestBrain.slv”, false, true);

//Merge another Brain File into what we just loaded, no boot.
success = _core.ApiMem().Load(“cars.slv|pets.slv|books.slv”, true, false);


string filename A string containing the name(s) of the SILVIA Brain file(s) to be loaded.
bool merge A boolean flag to determine if the file is loaded to a fresh Brain, or merged with existing data.
bool boot A boolean flag that, when true, causes the Behavior Named “boot” to be invoked after file-load.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

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