Disables one or more Groups in memory.


SILVIA is able to dynamically enable and disable Groups of Behaviors. This function additively disables one or more named Groups in memory. If passing in more than one Group via the “groups” parameter, the names must be separated by the “|” character. Once disabled, these Groups can NOT then be used (invoked) by the SILVIA runtime engine until re-enabled. Groups to be disabled can be specified using wildcards. For instance, by passing “movies” to the function, all Groups containing the substring “movies” will be disabled. This would include “movies”, “movies_scifi”, or “old_movies”.

Example Usage (C#)

//Only disabling “browsing” and “files”
bool success = _core.ApiMem().GroupDisable(“browsing|files”);


string groups The string containing the “|” separated (Pipe-separated) list of all Behavior Groups to be disabled.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

  • ApiMem().GroupEnable
  • ApiMem().GroupEnableOnly
  • ApiMem().GroupIsEnabled