Returns a string containing only the Groups in memory that are currently active.


SILVIA is able to dynamically enable and disable Groups of Behaviors. This function returns the names of those Groups in memory that are currently active, separated by the “|” character. These active Groups are those that can currently be used (invoked) by the SILVIA runtime engine. Active Groups can be specified using wildcards, so the boolean “expand” parameter, when true, will cause the expansion of such wildcard Groups into the full, non- wildcard list.

Example Usage (C#)

//Suppose you only had the “default” and “greetings” Behavior Groups active
string active = _core.ApiMem().GetActiveGroups(true);
Debug.Log(“Active Groups: ” + active);

//Expected Debug Console return:
//”Active Groups: default|greetings”


bool expand The boolean flag to expand wildcards into a full listing.


The string containing the “|” separated (Pipe-separated) list of all active Groups in memory.

See Also

  • ApiMem().GetAllGroups