Adds Conceptual data to the Feedback memory as a suggestion.


This function converts the input string parameter to Conceptual data and places it in the immediate Feedback memory for consideration. However, unlike the “AddFeedback” function, the Conceptual data is only used as suggestive guidance for the course of the Feedback, not as a more direct forcing of the conversation. But like “addFeedback”, this exposed function does give a trainer more explicit control over the conversational direction of SILVIA’s Feedback. Such control can be based on Behaviors specific to the functions of the AI Brain’s training, and of the application. This function might typically be followed by a call to “ApiFeedback().Clarify”.

Example Usage (C#)

bool success = _core.ApiFeedback().SuggestFeedback(“robots”);



string Feedback The string containing the Concepts to be placed in immediate cognitive “memory”.

See Also

  • ApiFeedback().AddFeedback
  • ApiFeedback().Clarify