Sets the Conceptual trigger values for Feedback utterance.


When Feedback is enabled, this function controls SILVIA’s Conceptual threshold. In other words, the values serve as a limiter on the expression of Conceptually unimportant or uninteresting thoughts. The first value is a weight, or Conceptual “importance”. The second value is the minimum number of Concepts needed to meet or exceed the given weight.

Therefore, if a particular internal thought, generated by SILVIA, has >= the given number of Concepts that are >= the given weight, then that thought is considered “important” enough to be considered for outward expression.

Example Usage (C#)

_core.ApiFeedback().SetThreshold(0.35f, 2);


float threshold A number value specifying the minimum weight required for a Concept’s consideration.
int count A number value specifying the minimum number of Concepts that must meet the weight requirement.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

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