Forces the SILVIA Cognitive Feedback to generate a set number of outputs


This function forces the invocation of the Cognitive Feedback system, but only for a set number of times. This is typically used to force SILVIA to follow up on a particular line of thought. For instance, a user might ask SILVIA “what do you mean?” as a generic request for more information. The script associated with the resultant Exuder could contain a call to this “clarify” function, with a count of “1”, to force a single follow-up to SILVIA’s last utterance. The default “response” time is a range between 1.5 and 2.5 seconds. To change this range, you can immediately follow up a call to this function with a call to “ApiFeedback().SetInterval”. Note that for this function, and for Feedback in general, it is best to have as many “reusable” Exuders in the Brain data as possible.

Example Usage (C#)



int count The number representing the count of additional “Feedback” outputs to be generated.



See Also

  • ApiFeedback().SetInterval