Adds Conceptual data to the Feedback memory.


This function converts the input string parameter to Conceptual data and places it in the immediate Feedback memory for consideration. During the course of normal interactions with SILVIA, this memory is automatically manipulated and updated internally by the SILVIA Core. However, this exposed function allows a trainer to more explicitly force the conversational direction of the SILVIA Feedback, based on Behaviors specific to the training and the application. This function might typically be followed by a call to “ApiFeedback().Clarify”.

Example Usage (C#)

bool success = _core.ApiFeedback().AddFeedback(“acting broadway”);



string Feedback The string containing the Concepts to be placed in immediate cognitive “memory”.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

  • ApiFeedback().SuggestFeedback
  • ApiFeedback().Clarify