Returns the state of the AI’s ability to use the Concepts in a particular Exuder to generate new, Dynamic Output.


This method returns the “dynamic” state of an existing Exuder within an existing Behavior The SILVIA AI is capable of generating such “dynamic” output from the set of Concepts within the Exuder. In practice, this means that SILVIA can come up with new and interesting ways of expressing those Concepts using existing language data. The new output is generated using any Exuders that have the “reuse” flag set as source data for inferred language rules and Conceptual linking. For instance, a “dynamic” Exuder might contain the following: “enjoy artificial intelligence robots”. If invoked, SILVIA will use her existing “reuse” Exuder data and Concept Bindings to dynamically create something interesting to say about her enjoyment of artificial intelligence and robots, with the likelihood that each output will be different from the last

Example Usage (C#)

bool dynamic = _core.ApiData().GetExuderDynamic(147, 4);


int id The integer numeric value or variable representing the unique ID of the Behavior containing the Exuder. int exuderId The integer numeric value or variable representing the indexed ID of the Exuder, separate from the Behavior ID.


The boolean value, true or false, representing the state of the “dynamic” constraint for the given Exuder.