Returns all of the bound Concepts and Binding Types for the given Concept.


This function tests knowledge within the current SILVIA Brain by returning a string array representing one or more bound Concepts attached to the specified root Concept type. The return format is in paired strings, with even strings (starting at 0) containing the bound Concept names, and the alternating odd strings (starting at 1) containing the Binding Type as a string. If no valid bound Concepts are found, the function returns null.

Example Usage (C#)

string[] Bindings = _core.ApiData().GetAllBoundConcepts(“dog”);

if(bindings != null) {
string firstBound = String[0]; String firstType = String[1];




The string or variable name representing the base Concept of the potential Bindings.

The current exposed lexical Binding Types are

  • ”root”
  • ”synonym”, “synonymSibling”
  • ”antonym”
  • ”similar”, “similarSibling”
  • ”different”
  • ”related”, “relatedSibling”
  • ”unrelated”
  • ”child”, “sibling”, “parent”
  • ”plural”, “singular”
  • ”misspelling”, “correction”
  • ”verbal”, “written”

The current exposed Conceptual Binding Types are loosely based on the MIT MediaLab’s ConceptNet

  • ”relatedTo”, “thematic”, “superThematic”
  • ”isA”, “propertyOf”, “partOf”, “madeOf”, “definedAs”
  • ”capableOf”
  • ”prerequisite”, “firstEvent”, “eventOf”, “lastEvent”
  • ”location”
  • ”effect”, “desirousEffect”
  • ”usedFor”, “action”
  • ”motivation”, “desire”

And finally

  • ”unknown”, “invalid”


A series of string pairs representing a bound Concept, followed by its type. A null is returned if no valid match is found.

See Also

  • ApiData().SetBinding
  • ApiData().TestBinding
  • ApiData().GetBoundConcept