Invokes the core SILVIA algorithms to change the “threshold” for Exuder matching acceptance.


This method is a companion to setAbsorberThreshold because it helps control SILVIA’s ability to accept or reject Exuders that Conceptually match the user input. If this threshold is set low enough, AND the user creates input that is rejected by the Absorber matching algorithms, alternative responses may be spontaneously generated by SILVIA using the reusable Exuders that have some Conceptual and contextual relationship to the user input. Note that only “interesting” topical Concepts are considered, so as to provide reasonable triggers and to minimize irrelevant matches.

As with Absorber matching, if no suitable Exuders are found using this line of interpretive defense, SILVIA will either drop to an output using the “default” Behavior, or barring such a Behavior’s existence, will output one of several possible phrases expressing her inability to understand the input. The default threshold value is 100.0, indicating that this feature is basically “off”.

Example Usage (Java)

boolean success = _core.ApiBrain().SetReusableThreshold(1.5f);

Example Usage (C#)

bool success = _core.ApiBrain().SetReusableThreshold(1.5f);




The numeric value used to limit acceptance/rejection of input when compared to Exuders.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

  • ApiBrain().SetAbsorberThreshold