Modifies the state of the SILVIA Core algorithms, setting the “adaptation” parameter for Dynamic Output.


This method helps control SILVIA’s Dynamic Output generation, and sets the boolean adaptation of SILVIA’s lexical traversal algorithm. This boolean determines whether SILVIA automatically and iteratively adapts and reduces rigidity during output construction to ensure that all Concepts are expressed. In simple terms, when this is enabled, SILVIA is allowed to adaptively become lexically sloppy if necessary to make sure that all key Concepts are expressed. If not enabled, SILVIA may not be able to combine all of the required Concepts of a particular expression. This inability will be due to a limited knowledge base, but in these cases, SILVIA will still attempt to express something that is both Conceptually relevant and lexically correct containing as many of the required Concepts as possible. By default, adaptation is disabled.

Example Usage (Java/C#)





The boolean value enabling or disabling adaptation.



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