Invokes the core SILVIA algorithms to change the “threshold” for Absorber acceptance.


This method helps control SILVIA’s ability to reject user input that falls too far outside of the AI’s ability to answer. For instance, a threshold of 0.5 means that the input must match roughly half of the Conceptual/linguistic content of an Absorber before that Absorber would be considered at all as possibly relevant. If no relevant Absorbers are found for consideration, then either the Behavior Named “default” is used to generate a resultant output, or if no Behavior Named “default” is available, SILVIA will output one of several possible phrases expressing her inability to understand the input. The default threshold value is 0.33

Example Usage (Java)

boolean success = _core.ApiBrain().SetAbsorberThreshold(0.25f);

Example Usage (C#)

bool success = _core.ApiBrain().SetAbsorberThreshold(0.25f);




The numeric coefficient value used to limit acceptance/rejection of input.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

  • ApiBrain().SetReusableThreshold