Returns the Absorber id in the given position on the response stack.


After invoking the AI run-time to produce a response, a stack of zero-indexed “best possible” Behavioral results is available for query. Using these methods, the application developer can determine at runtime exactly which Behaviors and Absorbers were considered the top candidate matches for the user input. This particular method returns the integer id of the Absorber in the given position on the stack. Note that this is the same data as shown in the text output window of SILVIA Studio when in debug mode.

Example Usage (Java/C#)

int Absorber = _core.ApiBrain().GetResponseAbsorberID(0);




The integer zero-based index into the “best match” stack.


The integer index of the best matching Absorber in that stack position. A -1 value is returned if there is no valid match.

See Also

  • ApiBrain().GetResponse
  • ApiBrain().GetResponseBehaviorID
  • ApiBrain().GetResponseWeight