Gets all of the PAGER Tag presets saved in the current Brain File and returns them as their own data class.


Gets all of the PAGER Tag Presets at once and returns the full list as a data class SilviaTagPresets. Each field beneath is a List of strings: Name, Type, String in matching indices.

Example Usage (C#)

//Using the namespace makes this declaration shorter. using CognitiveCode.Silvia.Api;

//Get the whole list
SilviaTagPresets tagPresets = _core.ApiBrain().GetAllPAGERTagPresets();

//I’m just looking for the LeftHandDefault though
for (int i = 0; i < tagPresets.tagPresetNames.Count; i++) { if (tagPresets.tagPresetNames[i] == "LeftHandDefault") {
string tags = tagPresets.tagPresetStrs[i];

//Have SILVIA execute the tags from script!




The full list of PAGER Tag Presets in the current Brain File as their own record type, with string Lists for each Preset field: “Name”, “Type”, and “String”. All indexes match.

See Also

  • ApiBrain().GetPAGERTagPresetNames
  • ApiBrain().GetPAGERTagPresetTypes
  • ApiBrain().GetPAGERTagPresetStrings