Invokes the core SILVIA algorithms to generate a Dynamic Output from a limited set of Behaviors.


This method invokes SILVIA’s Dynamic Output generation. Two strings are passed to the method, the first containing the space-separated Concepts for expression, and the second containing the space-separated Concepts for exclusion. For instance, one might call the method with “artificial intelligence” as the first string, and “movies books” as the second. This will force SILVIA to generate something to say about artificial intelligence, but she will not say anything about artificial intelligence in movies or books. When invoked, this method uses the parameters set by the “setDynamic*” functions.

However, unlike the ordinary generateDynamic method, this generateDynamicLimited method also takes in an optional Group and name string. If a non-nil Group value is specified, the Dynamic Output will ONLY draw from Behaviors/Exuders within that Group for generating output. If a non-null name is specified, then the output generation is further limited to use ONLY that single Group/name specified Behavior.

Note that within the SILVIA Training UI, dynamic Concept sets are specified within Exuders using “[“ and “]” opening and closing brackets, and excluded Concepts are specified with the “#” symbol, used to open and close blocks of excluded Concepts. For instance, the above example would be specified within the Exuder as: [artificial intelligence #movies books#]

Alternately, if the DYNAMIC check is enabled, the Exuder would not need the “[“ and “]” symbols, and would read: artificial intelligence #movies books#

Example Usage (Java/C#)

string output = _core.ApiBrain().GenerateDynamicLimited(“rock and roll”, “keith richards”, “music”, “rock_Exuders”);




The string containing the set of Concepts to be expressed in the output.



The string containing the set of Concepts to exclude from the output.



The optional string value specifying the Behavior Group to be used.



The optional string value specifying the Behavior Name to be used.


A string containing the dynamically generated output.

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