Saves a preformatted C# “.cs” script containing all of the SILVIA Scripts for the current Brain File. Naming the script file after the Brain File ensures the classes can link on upon loading. Works in the Unity Editor only. Saving the Brain File as a .txt from SILVIA Studio will produce an accompanying .cs file as well.


Use the paired .cs scripts with SILVIA Brains when attaching to AOT precompiled projects on Mobile Platforms like Droid, iOS.

Example Usage (C#)

//Suppose I have a brain file named “Demo” for iOS, live-compile isn’t available, so you call to save your work from Silvia on desktop, and use the resulting script for runtime on Mobile.

string scriptFileName = "demo_SilviaScript.cs";




The script file to format and save to. The script file name and its class type should match the Brain File Name and append “_SilviaScript.cs”.


The boolean true or false representing the success or failure of the operation.