Returns a true or false indication of result suitability after a call to GenerateDynamic.


This method is called after invocation of SILVIA’s Dynamic Output generation. The boolean value returned indicates if at least one Exuder considered has all of the important, non- stopword Concepts in the string that was passed to the previous call to “GenerateDynamic”. This is particularly useful if the application developer needs to filter dynamically generated results based on accuracy.

For example, if an Exuder exists containing the Concepts “my favorite color is blue”, and the Concepts “favorite color” are passed to the “generateDynamic” function, the result of THIS function will be true.

However, if “favorite” and “color” exist in various Exuders, but never appear together within the same Exuder, the result of THIS function will be false.

Example Usage (Java/C#)

bool hasAllConcepts = _core.ApiBrain().DynamicHasAllConceptsInOne();




A boolean value representing the condition.

See Also

  • ApiBrain().GenerateDynamic