Sets the voice font for output of AI speech (TTS).


If a “SetVoiceFont” function has been registered with the core via the application, this method allows for scripted changes of the voice font used for speech output. Very useful for switching AI characters on the fly.

Note that the application, not the core, is responsible for registering its own SetVoiceFont function via a delegate, as this feature is not native to the platform-independent core. Otherwise, System Native Voices are supported by default.

Example Usage (C#)

bool success = _core.ApiApp().SetVoiceFont(“Female”, “Audrey16”, 0);


string gender The string to specify if the desired font is “Male” or “Female”.
string fontName The string to specify the unique name of the font.
int rate The numeric speaking rate of the voice. For MSWindows, this is between -10 and 10.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

  • ApiApp().SetVoiceOutput
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