Pushes a string output onto the PAGER Tags FIFO stack.


This method pushes the output of a string via the PAGER Tags stack. Either the application or a script may poll and fetch PAGER Tags via the GetPagerTagsOutput method. Note that the application, not the Core, is responsible for handling the fetch and subsequent operations on such messages.

Sending plaintext or malformed PAGER Tags will not trigger the SilviaPagerTagParser, since the Parser is type-safe and will not invoke unplanned code. Such text will be passed through without effect.

Example Usage (C#)

//Setting the Pelvic position back to neutral with no variation from an outside script. These tags will queue in the PAGER Tags output stack, and can be polled with ApiApp().GetPagerTagsOutput()

string pagerTags =


bool success = _core.ApiApp().SetPagerTagsOutput(pagerTags);




The string representing the PAGER Tags to be sent to the PAGER Tag stack.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

  • ApiApp().GetPAGERTagPresetData
  • ApiApp().GetPagerTagsOutput
  • ApiApp().ClearPagerTags