(Deprecated in 3.0) Loads visemes for lip-synced animation from the given folder, including a mouth cropping coefficient.


If a “LoadVisemes” function has been registered with the core via the application, this method allows for scripted changes of the character images used for visual display of lip- synced animation. Like the “setVoiceFont” function, this is very useful for switching AI characters on the fly. An additional feature of this method is that you can specify a cropping coefficient for the mouth visemes. This is useful for when you have expressive eye animations that have been rendered at full resolution and not pre-cropped. In this case, cropping will be performed at runtime. Note that the application, not the core, is responsible for registering its own LoadVisemes function via a delegate. While support for animation is embedded in SILVIA Studio for windows, this feature is not native to the platform- independent core.

Example Usage (C#)

bool success = _core.ApiApp().LoadVisemesCrop(“robotGuy/images”, true, 0.33f);


string folderPath The string to specify the relative or absolute folder where the new viseme images reside.
bool useVideo The boolean flag for enabling streaming character animation video.
float mouthCrop The floating point coefficient for where the mouth should be cropped.


The boolean success or failure of the operation.

See Also

  • ApiApp().LoadVisemes
  • ApiApp().SetVoiceFont
  • ApiApp().GetVisemesFolder