Gets the numeric rate of the last successfully set voice font for speech (TTS).


If a “SetVoiceFont” function has been registered with the core via the application, and a voice font has been successfully set, this method returns the rate of output for that voice font. A rate of 0 means that the output is at a “normal” speed. Numbers between 1 and 10 mean that the voice output is faster than normal, whereas numbers between -1 and -10 denote slower than normal output. Note that the application, not the core, is responsible for registering its own SetVoiceFont function via a delegate, as this feature is not native to the platform-independent core.

Example Usage (C#)

int rate = _core.ApiApp().GetVoiceFontRate();




A number representing the output rate of the current voice font. Returns a 0 value by default if no voice font has been set.

See Also

  • ApiApp().SetVoiceOutput
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