(Deprecated in 3.0) Returns the currently set visemes folder for lip-synced animation.


If a “LoadVisemes” function has been registered with the core via the application, and visemes have been successfully loaded using said function, this method returns the folder of that most recent successfully loaded set of visemes. Note that the application, not the core, is responsible for registering its own LoadVisemes function via a delegate. While support for animation is embedded in SILVIA Studio for windows, this feature is not native to the platform-independent core.

Example Usage (C#)

string folder = _core.ApiApp().GetVisemesFolder();


string folderPath The string to specify the relative or absolute folder where the new viseme images reside.


A string containing the relative or absolute folder where the current viseme images reside, null is returned if no visemes have been successfully set.

See Also

  • ApiApp().SetVoiceFont
  • ApiApp().LoadVisemes