Returns the first (FIFO) string in the PAGER Tags output.


PAGER Tags are queued in tandem with the Text, Voice, Data outputs when an Exuder with PAGER Tags is executed. This method returns a string with those Tags if they are present in the stack.

This method is particularly useful when syncing performance to an interactive experience, such as with chat or voice. Your interaction UI can call this method, run parsing on the received tags, and enact changes in an Avatar, the scene, or your application more broadly. SILVIA Pager Tag Parser is included with Avatar Setup Demos to give a base to expand upon.

Example Usage (C#)

//Getting PAGER Tags from the Core to sync performance of the App with the AI

string currentPagerTags = _core.ApiApp().GetPagerTagsOutput();




The next PAGER Tag output from the Core’s stack, as a string. If there are no tags in any Behaviors executed, this will return empty.

See Also

  • ApiApp().GetPAGERTagPresetData
  • ApiApp().SetPagerTagsOutput
  • ApiApp().ClearPagerTags