Cognitive Code’s SILVIA technology is a robust, conversational artificial intelligence system for developing and deploying a wide variety of practical, conversationally intelligent applications.


SILVIA is a conversational artificial intelligence system. It is usable in many different environments, such as mobile, VR, or Unity engine gaming environments. Additionally, SILVIA can be used in desktop and server versions for individual or enterprise solutions.


SILVIA Studio is the developer tool used to design and implement SILVIA in any of these environments.

Required OS

SILVIA Studio supports Windows 10/11, and MacOS. SILVIA Core supports Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS

The SILVIA Brain

The foundational component of the SILVIA artificial intelligence system is known as a SILVIA Brain file.

 SILVIA Brain file extension: .sill

A Brain file acts as the container for all the data needed by SILVIA Core for one or more applications. The SILVIA Studio tool enables the developer to program a SILVIA Brain by loading it with Data, Concepts, Concept Bindings, Behaviors, and Scripts specific to the application one develops.

Brain Files can be saved as .TXT and their accompanying .CS script will be automatically saved for use in deployments on Mobile platforms or in situations where custom content needs to be compiled Ahead-Of-Time